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Welcome to the next generation consume experience. Welcome to the world of iconic product brands that exist all for a different purposes

Creating unique brand expierences

BRANCONIC is a next generation e-commerce brand building platform specialized in consumer niches for everyday-usage. We want to create unique next generation shopping experiences by brining consumers a additional product choice with a different purpose.


Welcome to the world of iconic product brands and the next generation shopping experience.

Brands & Products

What do we understand in creating a brand? Learn more about how we build the brands of tomorrow that grab the market attention to share our big vision to create next generation shopping experiences.

Who we Are

Learn more about who we are, our leadership, principals and the story we are writing. 

Stop Climate Change

Learn more about our commitment to help stopping climate change base on our principles. 

Our Impact

Learn more about our big vision that we believe will have a positive impact on our all future. 

Sustainable operations

Learn more about our sustainable operations and our mission to be carbon emission free by 2040.