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We're building a iconic product brands that brings customers a additional product choice

Brands & Products

What do we understand in creating a brand? At BRANCONIC we see brands as a way of communication and not only a name designed as a logo combined with a brand identity. Every brand we create is like a own character that we make alive by telling a unique story in the language of the audience. We use the brand to build a emotional bridge between our customers and the products of a brand. This allows us to build long term relationships and a loyal customer base. Our brands listen to the market to create new products based on the innovation from the customers.

How we build brands

How we develop the brands of tomorrow that grab the market attention to share our big vision to create next generation shopping experiences.

The product innovation process

We are creating first-class products by using customer driven innovation that are build on the customers behaviours of the future.

Our brand building process is a complex interaction of research, psychology and design excellence. Our main focus is to grab the market attention within the brand identity on a authentic and emotion driven way.

Market research

First of all we’re making a deep dive into the market that we think could be interesting to launch a new brand within. We’re trying to understand the consumers behaviour and analysing the language they speaking when it comes to products. Based on the cognitions we got from the research we’re moving on to see what kind of products we could innovate and launch inside the market. 

Define a character

Next we’re creating a unique brand character that fits to the consumers behaviour and builds an emotional bridge into the market. We’re trying to create our brand characters as authentic as possible like designing a new person that speaks the exact language of the market to give consumers a feeling of understanding. 

Digital awareness

The new brand and it’s unique character needs a voice to reach the target audience in the market. Therefor we use a result driven digital marketing strategy that builds the needed brand awareness to attract new consumers around the world. Our brands are mostly placed in the e-commerce world because we think to see the biggest opportunity there. 

Developing product innovations

Creating first-class products by using customer driven innovation.

After researching the global consume world, especially the change of consumers behaviour and customer claims about products we learned that the way humans look on products have changed and will change more and more in the future.

In history we had a change from high pricing consume to a discount mentality. We’ve seen the whole world going crazy on the lowest prices and quality seems to be not the number one criteria that influences a purchase decision of a customer.

But this discounter driven world is in a change right now. Consumers are changing their behaviour into more quality again and they are accepting to pay may more for a product if it made in a first-class quality.

That is what we think is a great development and we want to move this change forward.

We’re not just creating any product that we think is great for the consume market. Instead we work as close as we can on the customer to really understand what customers are searching for, which problems they have with current products and how we can sole this problems by creating a new, improved products that fits 100% into the wishes of the consumer.

MISTER VERCETTI is mindset driven inspiring street fashion. The brand goal is goal is to be an everyday reminder that this is your life and it's about you to make every second of it a legendary one. It's about finding yourself in the moment, forget about the past and living in the now.

We’ve put a lifestyle mindset that drives a whole new generation into a unique. minimal and modern fashion brand. MISTER VERCETTI uses fashion as a communication tool that is focused on share a lifestyle vision about a self-defined and limitless live including traveling, music emotions, happiness. The designs are minimalist and plaktistic at the same time.  

The brands product range includes street fashion hoodies, t-shirts, shorts and sweatpants. 

Product selections

The Travel mode collection

This unique collection shares the mindset of all travel fascinated people around the world. It shares the passion about exploring new places and cultures and a open minded generation that loves the freedom of traveling. 

The happiness collection

The happiness collection shares a inspirations about real happiness in live. We want to share a mindset that happiness is not only about the materialism we own, more about your feelings and thoghts. 

The palm tree lifestyle collection

In addition to the travel mode collection we’ve created on of the most successful designs of the brands that shares the so called “palm tree lifestyle” with our amazing lifestyle community. 

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