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What We Do

We're giving consumers an additional product choice that exists all for a different purpose

Iconic brands

BRANCONIC is a global product-brand-network creator, focused on future growing e-commerce mass-markets. We create first-class products within our iconic brands based the consumers behaviour and market analysis to fulfil the interested of our consumer target groups in a highly authentic way. Our mainly business is about building next generation consumer brands that bring customers an additional product choice. To realize this we are managing a global partner network of innovators, manufactures and intelligent transportation, so that we can focus to outreach a global audience with our product choice.

Building product brands

We’re consistently working on new brand that brings consumers a additional product choice and create a next generation shopping experiene.

Digital marketing & tech

We primary use our proven digital marketing strategy to launch our product brands, grow their awareness and scale the sales based on intelligent technology.

Management operations

We’re managing a global partner network of manufactures, brand ambassadors and logistic experts to fulfill our goal of a next generation shopping experience. 

BRANCONIC represents a next generation digital driven consumer platform that is focused on create unique shopping experiences by giving consumers a product choice that is committed to a sustainable and environment changing purpose.

We’re on a mission to build a product ecosystem that gives customers around the world a new choice of every-day needed products. Every product brand we’re creating is following our unique principles. Our mainly focus in product development are the consumers of tomorrow. Therefore we’re giving our customers a voice and involve them in the product innovation process. WE believe that the consumer behaviour is changing and we want to go the first step into a new generation of consume. 

Product markets we serve


We’re creating fashion brands with a different purpose. We see fashion as a communication platform and within our unique fashion brands we are transporting messages to a audience to inspire people around the world everyday. 

Home & Living

We’re creating small innovative solutions that makes humans home smarter and more sustainable. We believe that little improves can have a big impact. 


We’re making humans lives easier by creating product innovations that are primary focused in improvement. 

Everyday Gadgets

We’re bringing little innovations in everyday gadgets to create a smarter consumer world with a higher standard of quality. 

Travel Equipment

We make traveling the world and exploring new cultures smarter. Therefore we’re reinventing traditional travel equipment for a new generation. 

Health & Kitchen

We’re making consumers live more healthy by brining smart innovations into the kitchens of the world. 

More about BRANCONIC

Our Impact

Learn more about our big vision that we believe will have a positive impact on our all future. 

Brands & Products

Learn more about the product brands we are building to give customers a additional choice with a different purpose