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Building product brands

BRANCONIC is a global next generation e-commerce brand holding enterprise. We’re creating authentic consumer product brands that brings customers a unique shopping experience. Our primary focus is to create realistic brand characters that connect with the customers on an emotional base to build long term relationships. We see a brand as more than just a great designed logo to put on our products and to brand the online shop. We believe that authentic brand communication will make a difference and set us stand out from the crowd. 

BRANCONIC builds iconic e-commerce brands that bring consumers an additional product choice in everyday products. We're innovating niche products and bring them to a global audience using our unique brand building model.

We see our brands as a communication tool to our customers. That’s why we are working on creating authentic brand characters that fit to the behaviour of a targeted audience. We communicate little messages to a global audience within our brand characters that brings a smile on our customers face. All our products exist for a different purpose to redistribute wealth, which will have a positive impact on our environment issues. 

Being authentic

We believe that the consumers of tomorrow will change the way how they look on products in general. Fake will not stay in the market. Products needs to be authentic and tell a clear story. It’s about the little details that define the consumer products of tomorrow. We’re working to create unique product brands that are designed to grab the attention of next generation consumers. 

Building mental health

Every of our product brands follows the mission to build a stronger mental health. Therefore we’re adding little so called “easter eggs” on the products that include psychological designed motivations that hits our customers mind every time they’re using one of our products. We believe that this will help to create a stronger mindset around the world. 

Additional Product choice

Our product brands are specialized in innovating everyday products and bring consumers an additional product choice. By innovating we mean to optimize existing products based on customer driven innovation to create a version of the product that fits better to the customers behaviour. Also all our products are created based on our sustainability operations to help stopping climate change. 

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