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Digital Marketing & Technology

We’re living in technology driven world and technology will change the way how we consume in the future. Within the next decade the e-commerce industry will grow more and more, where we see our biggest opportunity. Therefore our technology team is working on new technology innovations that create new unique digital shopping experiences. We’re on a mission to make online shopping more authentic and human. That’s why we’re developing artificial intelligence solutions to give our clients a feeling of “real world shopping” in a digital environment. 

BRANCONIC primary operations are all about building iconic brands that are mainly focused on serving clients a next generation shopping experience.

All our products brands are designed based on deep psychological research. We’ve a mission to create a unique shopping experience for clients. So we’re placing little psychological and emotional triggers in the language of our brands and also hidden in parts of the products itself (like the packaging for example) to put a smile on their face. We believe that with little so called “easter eggs” we’re influencing the mindset in a very positive way. 

E-commerce technology

We’re using modern technologies to build our multi brand consume ecosystem. Every or our brands gets a independent e-commerce solution that is primary designed to fit into the target groups behaviours, because every audience has different behaviours that we want to serve the best possible way.  

Intelligent support

Managing a multi brand consume network means a lot of different support behaviours. To make the whole process a whole lot easier and more customer satisfying we use intelligent technologies that works 24/7 to serve our clients needs in a real authentic way. 

Intelligent manufacturing

We’re on a mission to stop climate change by reducing our carbon emission to zero by 2040. Therefore we’re developing intelligent, technology driven manufacturing solutions that allows us to manufacture more on demand instead of building stocks upfront. 

Personalized journey

We use modern technologies to create personalized brand overlapping customer journeys that are individually designed on the specific behaviours of every single customers. Therefore we are using up do date artificial intelligence to learn more about our clients and build long term relationships. 

Intelligent marketing

The digital environment allows us to reach millions of customers around the world just by hitting a button. We see our biggest opportunity in scaling our brands smarter and faster based on intelligent and proven digital marketing strategies. 

Brand connection

Every customer starts it’s journey within one of our brands. Our mission is to serve our customer needs an the highest possible level. That’s why we build behaviour based brand connections to within our own brand network and with brands from partners to give our clients the best possible product choice. 

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