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Management Operations

Driving a global product brand ecosystem brings a lot of management operation to our all day business operations. To make the whole process a lot easier we are using modern technologies that allows us to manage, track and optimize our process on consistency. We believe in efficient automation that operates tasks and gives our team more time to focus on developing and creating product innovations that help us to grow and achieve our goals even faster. 

BRANCONIC is focused on building unique brands and to create product innovation concepts. To make a concept become reality we're working with a global network of engineers, manufactures and transport enterprises within a intelligent supply chain.

Innovating consumer brands brings a huge amount of tasks together that needs a high level of professionality to realize visions. We know that his is not a single company job, that’s why we’ve build a global network that is driven by our principles and vision. Every of our partners fulfill our sustainable requirements. To make the whole network work smooth together we create a technology driven process that allows to manage this kind of partner network easy and with less effort. 

Manufacture Management

We’re managing a international network of manufacture partners that manufacture our product innovations in the US, Europe and Asia. We’re focused to manufacture as near as possible to our focus market.

Logistic Management

To bring our products in the most efficient and sustainable way to our customers. Therefore we are managing a global network of logistic partners that help us to have an positive impact on climate change.

Freelancer Management

When it comes to launching a new brand we sometimes need to expand our team. Therefore we are managing a huge network of freelancer experets. 

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Building iconic product brands

Learn more about our unique method to build the consumer product brands of tomorrow. 

Management operations

Learn more about our all day management operations and process to keep our global network running.

More about BRANCONIC

Our Impact

Learn more about our big vision that we believe will have a positive impact on our all future. 

Stop climate change

We believe we have an obligation to stop climate change and reducing carbon emission to zero will have an impact.